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Cafe by TAO as described by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis

Agathe and Vesanto in front of the cafe

Where to begin .. last Friday Vesanto Melina called our café to confirm a time to come with James Sant Living Light Culinary Programs and Creative Director and meet with me .. I was au 7ième ciel. What an honor to welcome guests who are masters in the field of Raw Plant Cuisine. They arrived around 3 pm, we all sat together and had the greatest time sharing our dream of a vegan world, a time of inspiration and laughs. The next day James came back with a bunch of friends, Brenda Davis was one of them .. and Vesanto and Brenda, with Cam at the camera, created this video clip! Thx to you all, that is so precious to me.

Back in 2007, I completed a 3 week course at Living Light Culinary Institute. I wish I would have done more. I have fond memories of the commitment to our learning and camaraderie that was instill from the very first day by Cheri Soria founder of the institute. Five years later Cheri gave a workshop at my first little café during her Canada Tour. That is when I met Vesanto. And now 7 years later I receive this wonderful gift. Vesanto, I’m deeply, deeply grateful.

Lots of love, Agathe

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