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I created my café and website so you discover how a change in my eating habits created a healthy future for my children and I and it could do the same for you.  Back in 2003, I was incapacitated with arthritis affecting my hands, hips and feet.  It only took three months to remedy that situation by eating 100% Organic Raw Plant Cuisine **.  Even today, I’m clear of any pain, even though my mother had rheumatoid arthritis quite severely.  Interesting, isn’t it!

With my daughter’s help, we created more than a café I should say.  We offer our Plant Cuisine to eat in and take-out so you can taste the deliciousness of our cuisine.  We went even further by offering all of our recipes online, making them easy to prepare and guiding you step-by-step to guaranteed success.  At our café, you will also find the ingredients necessary to execute these recipes.  We make it simple and easy all the way!

We wish for you to be inspired to unleash the healing power within.  You will reap the benefits and so will our children, all beings and our Mother Earth.


**A plant is born when grains, nuts and seeds are soaked, rinsed and sprouted initiating the germination process.  All nutrients then become bioavailable, fully nourishing and supporting the body’s capacity to heal.  Needless to say, all nuts and seeds are sprouted at our café!   Please note, there are no grains in our recipes, café or grocery. 

The cafe is now closed. Please follow us on our socials @taoorganics for updates.


We will miss your visits, the sharing of our joys, challenges, breakthroughs, the caring and kindness. We've grown to know each other during those 8 years. It is a goodbye and a hello again inviting you to our next chapter.

We will stay in our community by having our products offered by other cafés, groceries, home delivery. We will post the businesses and products list on our social medias. Follow us on our socials @taoorganics or join our mailing list to receive updates.

Already, Eternal Abundance is offering our wraps. The Green Moustache Organic Café - Lonsdale, as soon as they re-open, will offer some of our products too. Know of a little café in your neighborhood that will enjoy offering our products, please let us know.

Lots of love, we will miss you, Agathe and TAO Team



The cafe is now closed. Please follow us on our socials @taoorganics for updates.

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email us: cafe@taoorganics.com

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