This is a list of gifted individuals offering various holistic modalities.


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Before embarking on her own healing journey Elke had pursued a successful teaching career for many years. Her undergraduate degree specialized in linguistics and modern languages. Her life took an unexpected turn when a family member became seriously ill.  She started researching complementary health modalities and discovered that true healing takes the whole person (body/mind/soul) into consideration, not just the physical self.

Because of her research and discoveries about wellness and well-being she undertook a career change and graduated from the three year Certified Integrative Energy Healing Program offered through Langara College, Vancouver, BC. This program entailed 700 hours of training and instruction and 300 documented treatments. She completed case studies, a practicum at the Howe Sound Women’s Center in Squamish, BC, as well as academic course work in anatomy, physiology, and healing science theory and skills. More than 100 of the documented treatments were performed in supervised clinics at various locations, such as Friends for Life (a support facility for people living with AIDS or cancer) and Pacifica (a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center) in Vancouver, BC.

Kathleen & Valerie


Happy Foodease – Healthy eating made easy

Kathleen is passionate about body, mind and family health.
After a long struggle with migraines and digestive issues, she found her way to a clean and nutrient rich diet and lifestyle and overcame the health issues that were controlling her day-to-day being.
Kahtleen is about making healthy choices to feel better and taking the time to listen to your body and nurture your soul.  She believes in creating healthy families and communities by shopping, preparing and enjoying nutritious meals together.
Co-creating Happy Foodease fulfills Kathleen’s desire of helping others achieve their health goals.
Nourish your body and nourish your mind, this is the way to a happy life.

Valerie is a food lover and food enthusiast. Health has become a passion since she regained her life back through food. For many years, she was overweight, had a hormonal imbalance (known has PCOS) and low energy. She healed herself through the power of food and thus, reclaimed her life. She understands full well the importance of good nutrition because she felt the difference in her own life. She felt that changing her food and lifestyle gave her a new life. And it’s like a treasure, it’s wonderful to have found it, but it’s too beautiful and precious for not sharing.
In fact, it increases in value by sharing it. That’s why she founded Happy Foodease with Kathleen. To guide you to better health by making conscious food decisions. Valerie believes in eating foods from living plants not packaged and processed, and she’ll show you how easy it is to eat more nutrient rich foods.
Most of all, she is looking forward to inspiring you to!


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Intuitive Readings with the Archangels and Tarot and Healing
Lorie uses a heart-centered and gentle approach to answer personal concerns and questions related to body, mind and spirit. She offers you a general reading or she can answer specific questions or a combination of the two. She believes very much in the power of living in the moment and focuses the session attuning to what is presenting in the here and now to assist you with what will manifest in the future. Her intention is to empower you to make the highest energy vibrational choices available to you. She notes that nothing is carved in stone in our future; we hold the power to change and create our lives. She also offers healing – Reiki, Auric and Chakra work based on the Brennan Model and Quantum Shifts with Matrix Energetics. She has been doing readings for 20 years and healing for 10.  Please visit or call Lorie at 604 729-5358 for more information.


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Medical Intuition and Healing Arts with Sono from Beauty Full Heart
Sono spent 11 years of her life working in conventional health care. She always felt that a more natural approach to healing would be a better approach and eventually found natural and raw living foods. She started eating a high percentage of raw foods and became a raw food chef. However, she wanted to pursue her passion for preventative medicine and natural healing. Surrounded by a health enthusiastic community, she found Medical Intuition and became qualified. She finally found a way that she could use her energy sensitivity. She now combines her intuition in her other offerings of Thai Massage, Intuitive Bodywork, Angelic Reiki as well as her Medical Intuitive readings. To learn more about Sono and each modality, visit or contact 778-316-3960,