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African Market Basket Large

African Market Baskets™ strives to be known for three things: Quality, Value, and Integrity. For 25 years, founder and CEO, Steve Karowe has used the Fair Trade business concept of economic partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect.

Ensuring that the weavers are satisfied is of top importance to Steve. He makes it his business to see that they have comfortable working conditions and fair wages. Prices are negotiated by first asking what the artisans want to charge for a particular item. If their price is workable, it is always accepted. If the price is too high, he explains what price he can pay and asks if the weaver can produce it for that price and still make a profit. He regularly pays much of the money in advance of receiving goods in order to help the weavers with cash flow and he always does his best to make sure they are happy with the final price.

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