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What had proven to be beneficial for our health generated worry and apprehension in some others.  You might be saying to yourself, “The results are so positive, why such concern?”.

For many cultures, a welcoming gesture translates into an invitation to share a meal.  The height of most celebrations is the feast.  Many meetings amongst family members, friends or business associates take place around a table of appetizing dishes.  Nourishment equals well being, hospitality, to treat ourselves.   Aromas stimulate our senses, evokes exoticism, or simply reminds us of the best: mom’s cooking.

So, for some, to put aside all that delicious fare and those exquisite sensations for a vegan rawtarian diet seems completely insane.  Proud friends and family won’t be able to serve their specialty.  How is this diet balanced?  Where does the protein come from?  Would children grow and develop normally?

The vegan rawtarian diet is far from being common knowledge; it doesn’t have the same notoriety as the traditional omnivorous diet.  Our knowledge of health is the result of studies and research conducted with subjects eating a cooked omnivorous diet.  The food guide, information on vitamins, minerals, and proteins labeled as being beneficial for our health originate from these studies.  And from those studies originate the belief that proteins beneficial to our bodies only come from an animal source.  But the elephant feeds only on grass, how can it grow to be so big and so muscular?  And the gorilla?  And the cow?  Would it be possible that protein coming from a plant based source could also do a great job?  Brendan Brazier is a professional Iron Man triathlete whose diet is 100% plant based.

I invite you to embark on this healing path.  Request your family doctor to have a blood test done annually.  It will give you an indication of your strong points and of the ones that require amelioration.  Annual testing will allow you to compare results and celebrate your improvements.  I had great news on my last test: my level of B12 is up.  I am a raw vegan since August 2003.  How about that?!

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