Dried Fruits And Veggies

Goji Berries

Origin: China

Goji Berries (aka. Wolfberries) are an amazing superfood berry known for their sweet taste and health benefits. Our Goji Berries are raw, certified organic, and non gmo.

Uses and Health Benefits:

Some common uses for goji berries include adding to oatmeal, smoothies, salads, desserts, trail-mix, making a tea, or simply as-is for a lovely snack! Goji Berry health benefits include ani agining effects, anti oxdants, mood increasing 'happy berry', supports vison, protects the liver, increases the health of blood, imune boosting, helps to reduce sugar cravings, and contain a large amounts of beta carotene and iron. These heart healthy berries also contain 18 amino acids, many trace minerals and much more. We encourage you to do your own research aswell! 

Recepies: Try adding to your breakfast cereal! Soak in water overnight and use the water and berries in your smoothie.