Coffees and Teas

PMOC Dark Roast

At 800-1,500 feet above sea level, located in the Northern Chiang Mai Region of Thailand, Paradise Mountain Organic Farm lies within the virgin forest. Thousands of indigenous trees create a canopy of shade for young coffee seedlings and a resting and nesting habitat for local and migratory birds. Today, if you were to view our farm from above you would never know there was a farm of any kind in this undisturbed forest. It is here that we grow 100% world class single farm, organic Arabica coffee.

Using a method known as rustic traditional coffee farming, we grow our coffee without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. When we first began planting we did so without killing a single tree, this wild crafted method of planting is slow and difficult but it fits our vision of a good farm. Our neighboring rain forest and small scale tea growers are also free of any pesticides and chemicals so no cross contamination occurs on or around our farm. All strains of our coffee are planted on GPS coordinated plots in correspondence with the plantation area in order for us to identify and separate the various types of coffee we grow. Our coffee is shade grown and all of the foliage and mulch is put back into the soil to be used as a natural fertilizer, after months of care and preparation our coffee is ready for harvest. From here we leave our coffee in its final parchment stage in order to maintain the coffee’s integrity and provide a natural barrier. Upon orders our coffee is hulled and the green beans are then shipped to the Rocky Mountains to be roasted exclusively by our team at Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee.