2016  Agathe 58 years old

2016 Agathe 58 years old

  2011  Agathe 53 years old

2011 Agathe 53 years old

  2006  Agathe 48 years old

2006 Agathe 48 years old

How it all started … Back in fall 2003, I followed my heart’s intuition and undertook the vegan raw cuisine journey. Following that path, my health improved immediately. After only three months eating this way, my arthritis disappeared, extra weight melted away, floaters in my vision vanished, and rosacea subsided. My energy level soared and still today, 12 years later, I spring out of bed. In March of 2004, my daughter Chrystelle joined me. At the time, she had a red halo around her face and her neck looked like a cat used it for a scratching post. Once on the raw diet, like a canvas being restored, her skin became silky smooth and glowed. Then in June 2004, my two sons, Nicholas 11 and Sebastian 8, joined us as well. Nicholas had large rashes on his legs. Seeing the dry blood under his fingernails each morning broke my heart.  Imagine the discomfort he had scratching to the point of breaking the skin. Sebastian’s hyperactivity drove everyone off the wall, including himself. Teachers requested to put him on Ritalin. It didn’t take long for the change in diet to work its magic. Nicholas’ skin condition entirely healed leaving no scars behind. Sebastian calmed down like a fine rain after whirlwind and thunder. It is so comforting for a mother to witness healing without the use of harsh drugs. Here’s to the all-natural wonders of Mother Nature.

  August 2015   My daughter Chrystelle and I (57 years old)

August 2015  My daughter Chrystelle and I (57 years old)

I was also quite taken by the littlest footprint possible this way of feeding my family created. We went from the usual garbage generated by a family of four on a conventional diet down to a fraction of it. Visits to the grocery became so simple; produce, spices, herbs and oils. I was out of there in no time. My kitchen’s cupboards went from cluttered to spacious. No more hard to clean oven, pots and pans. No more worries of serving a meal and food getting cold. Feeding my family became extremely simple. We prepared all the vegetables necessary to go with the burger patties for example, put it all on a large center plate and everyone assembled their own to their taste. And to add to the simplicity of it all, washing dishes used for plating raw cuisine is beyond easy: a quick wash and rinse et voilà!

Then I dreamed of raising awareness on the endless benefits this cuisine offers. I had a vision of a quaint little café offering fresh and colourful dishes. I thought of making it as convenient as it could possibly be, adding a grocery section with prepared patties, wraps, spreads, and condiments. All there is to do is assemble at home and serve. I thought of having all the required ingredients and recipe books to create from scratch. I thought of classes on line. Eleven years later I shared my passion by opening Café by Tao. My dream has come true.  

Everything from the vision to reality is offered at the café. Our customers love to come and enjoy a peaceful tasty moment. From the offerings, to the ambiance, to our genuine staff, a very special experience is sure to happen.  Dishes are created with produce, grains nuts and seeds.  What is Vegan Raw Cuisine?  It is literally from the garden to your plate.  All ingredients are exposed to less than 115 Fahrenheit or 46 Celsius to preserve the enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  How do we do that?  Pâtés are made with a food processor; we blend the sauces and spreads.  We also use the blender to make our creamy desserts.  We use dehydrators, in lieu of an oven, to make our crackers, granola bars, pizza crusts.  To recreate sautéed mushrooms or onions we marinate and dehydrate to reduce the sauce and bring out the sweetness.  It is quite a fascinating approach to creating new dishes.  We also mimic Mother Nature’s wisdom by soaking and sprouting grains, nuts and seeds.  Soaking and rinsing creates the same result as rain washing off the enzymes inhibitors and other agents that protects the grain, seed or nut from going moldy.  It then germinates and grows into a plant.  As we are designed to eat plants it creates a perfect world.

Our suppliers are local entrepreneurs, we buy farm direct and otherwise close to home.  This ensures the most nutritional value and freshness with every bite. And we are so proud that our garbage for one week is the size of a five gallon bucket. Weekly, we generate an average of 120 gallons of compost. With all that is necessary to run the café, only 10% can’t be recycled and goes to garbage!  Together, we reduce our ecological footprint; we create a healthy future.

Tao Organics™ was created from love and respect for our planet. We invite you to come to our Café by Tao and discover how delicious raw vegan cuisine is! Treat your taste buds to a fresh nutritious experience!